Whats in the test kits for horses?

Worm Egg Count


A worm count is really a worm egg count (known as a feacal worm egg count). A small sample of dung is examined in the laboratory to find out how many worm eggs are present. We send you the kit including all you need to take the sample along with a prepaid envelope in which you send the sample back to us. We will then analise the results which will be emailed to you along with guidance on what the results mean.

Worm Egg Count Yard Pack


What's in the test kits? The equestrian yard pack is for a set number of horses including a separate testing kit for each horse. The yard kits only include a single postage paid reply envelope so all samples need to be returned at the same time. Our vets will then do the testing and we we email you the results.

Tapeworm Test Kit


The price of this kit includes the kit itself, the postage and analysis. You send the sample to the lab then we will email you the result along with a explanation and guidance of what the results mean. We also offer any telephone or email advice that you may need from one of our SQPs