The Equisal Tapeworm testing kits

The EquiSal Tapeworm Kit

Whats in the Kit? 

The price of this kit includes the kit itself, the postage, analysis and the result as well as any telephone or email advice that you may need from one of our SQPs. We send you the saliva collecting kit, you post it to the lab, we then email you the results and a brief outline of what they mean and what action may be needed.

Horse Saliva Test

A revolutionary HORSE SALIVA test. The tapeworm testing kits tell whether your horse has tapeworm. Over the last years the EquiSal team, consisting of 4 experienced scientists (one of whom was an inventor of the Clear Blue pregnancy test) have developed this innovative test for tapeworm using horse saliva that you collect yourselves without the need for a vet.  


The test measures antibody in saliva which is specific to tapeworm, using a combination of two laboratory tests (called ELISAs). Each sample is analysed under very carefully defined conditions to account for variations in saliva flow and impacts of diet. 

EquiSal diagnosis of tapeworm

The saliva samples are handled by an automated liquid handing system to ensure very high accuracy, as well as high-fidelity sample tracking throughout the test procedure. A complex algorithm is applied to integrate and de-convolute data from the two different tests to deliver an EquiSal diagnosis of tapeworm burden. 

The measurement

Experts consider that a burden of up to 20 tapeworms is not pathogenic (capable of producing disease). This is similar to the current guidelines for redworm faecal egg counts (FEC), where less than 200 eggs/gram is not considered pathogenic. This means that the EquiSal Tapeworm Test can be relied upon to correctly identify the vast majority of horses with a moderate/high burden and correctly identify all horses with pathogenic burdens 

When to Test?

The first EquiSal test should be carried out four months after the last worming treatment for tapeworm .Routine testing should then be carried out every six months. If a horse has a borderline or moderate/high diagnosis, a retest can be carried out two to three months after worming treatment for tapeworm.

If in doubt just ask

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